Your Best Direct Source for
Quality Commercial & Multifamily Investments

Discover the World of Exclusive Institutional-grade Private Investments for as Little as $50k

Your Best Direct Source for
Quality Commercial & Multifamily Investments

Discover the World of Exclusive Institutional-grade Private Investments for as Little as $50k

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Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate Syndications
High Quality, Real Estate Investment Opportunities

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What is multifamily commercial syndication?

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Structure, returns, and benefits of commercial syndication

Colorful facades of buildings in the city during the day
  • Better access to value deals
  • Purchase shares in a larger property than an investor could on his or her own
  • Liability risk is limited to the original investment amount
  • Easier to achieve a diversified portfolio with distributed risks
  • Does not require day-to-day management or oversight by the investor

Investor Performance Track Record

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Cars parked at the Forney Commercial Retail Center

Forney Commercial Retail Center

Close Date: 01-May-2015
Purchase Price + Cap Ex: $4,736,000
Raise Amount: $1,550,000
Location: 104 & 108 E. US Highway 80, Forney, TX 75126

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A close-up shot of the duplex house and the lawn

Melrose Duplexes

Close Date: 01-Jan-2016
Purchase Price + Cap Ex: $3,072,600
Raise Amount: $1,000,000
Location: Meadowbrook Park Addition, Arlington, TX 76010

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A long shot of the shoe department and fashions store

Burleson Retail Center

Close Date: 01-Feb-2015
Purchase Price + Cap Ex: $2,890,000
Raise Amount: $1,000,000
Location: 1055 SW Wilshire Boulevard, Burleson, TX 76028

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Magazine Features

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I have done 5 deals with Tom. I value honesty above everything and I found Tom to be very honest and transparent about the risks on every project, allowing me to make my own investing decisions. I would recommend Tom and his team without any reservations for your investing needs.

- Yogi R.

My husband and I are very impressed with the transparency and professionalism in how the Western Crossing investment is being managed and reported out to investors. We have already referred our friends, and highly recommend Wilson.

- Paula C.

I have invested in all of Tom's commercial deals so far and have the highest confidence and trust that the team knows what they're doing!

- Andrew J.

I'm selling 3 rental homes to re-invest in syndications because they are way easier. People are much higher maintenance tenants than commercial tenants. A vacant house is quite a financial hit, whereas multi-tenant commercial is less risky.

- Michele Z.

I came across Tom's name indirectly through another syndicator and have been following him for a while. Though I have not yet invested with Tom, I truly value all the insightful articles, personal stories & podcasts. One of the things that impressed me most about Tom is his wealth of knowledge & experience in the commercial syndication space, and how conservatively his deals are underwritten.

- Mano C.

It is refreshing to deal with ethical, truly solid-gold organization. I am always glad to give Tom’s organization a great recommendation.

- Rob D.

Any real estate investor seeking to diversify a portfolio with commercial & multifamily opportunities would be wise to consider Wilson Investment Properties.

- Terry & Linda G.

Tom helped me immensely as I began to invest in real estate and he continues to be a wealth of information as I move forward.

- Doug R.

Total Asset & Property Management

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Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or just starting out, knowing where to find real estate investment properties is one of an investor’s biggest challenges.

Online classifieds offer an abundance of investment properties for sale that have questionable quality and are rarely successful. Rather than pursue these investments alone, we are here to ease the search process.

We serve our clients through each step of selecting the best property investments by:

  • Identifying and selecting profitable properties
  • Providing guidance through all phases of acquisition
  • Managing all aspects of the property after the purchase
  • Assisting in the final sale of the property

We offer multiple rental properties in Houston and Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, ranked amongst the top areas in the U.S. in real estate investment properties. Residential, multifamily, and commercial real estate investing can be very lucrative. Even on a low budget, there are other investment opportunities that produce the same benefits that come with multifamily and commercial real estate investing, while minimizing the typical risks and hassles associated with it.

Investors are attracted to real estate syndication, or crowdfunding, because of the accessibility of deal flow. While searching through hundreds of properties is implausible for a typical investor, specialized companies have the resources to scan the U.S. market and pick out the winners. Commercial real estate syndication companies provide investors with access to this deal flow and eliminate the hassles caused by property management. Real estate investments have the potential to deliver high profits and are a great way to generate wealth. Selecting a real estate provider with a proven track record reduces the risks in this volatile market.