Currently Held
A long shot of the residential development

Rohnert Park Land Development

Data by Year: 2022

Quarterly Dividend Amount*: 2019

* on $100,000 investment:

Property Status:
Currently Held

Financial Data

Close Date: 15-Sep-2017

Exit Date: N/A

Purchase Price + Cap Ex: $2,050,000

Raise Amount: $2,500,000

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Projected Hold Period: 4

Actual Hold Period: N/A

Preferred Return: 0 %

Projected Avg Annual Return: 37.9 %

Actual Avg Annual Return: N/A

Projected IRR: 30.7 %

Actual IRR: N/A

Loan Amount: $1,950,516

Loan Rate: 5 %

Property Facts

Property Type: Land

Year Built: 2021

Building Size: N/A

Lot Size: 46 Acres

Number of Buildings: 140

Number of Tenants: 140


Picture is of recent vibrant construction in adjacent University District. Land is to be entitled and sold to a builder.